Chino Cappin is a lyricist and singer of many hats. First and foremost, he’s the voice of the streets, with a background in the slums that has given him the creative drive to progress in the packed hip-hop industry. But in addition to his rough and gruff image, he’s a fun-loving goofball, intense creative, and mastermind of charisma.

Chino comes from Fort Valley, Ga a small town outside of Atlanta, the current home of rap’s most idiosyncratic lyricists and vocalists. He had a childhood stuffed with its fair share of struggles, and it took him until he was a teenager to realize that these experiences gifted him with the drive, and skillset, to create intense, heartfelt music for people who identified with his pain. He walked around, as a kid, with a notebook, recording everything that happened to him so that he could put his thoughts together. At just sixteen years old, he dropped out of high school.

Eventually, he turned his struggle into lyrical diamonds and has been able to make two well-received projects so far: Cold Hearted and Too Many Losses. The success of these projects can be owed to nothing else other than his Instagram account where he began to display his talents by singing classic R&B songs acapella. His initiative would later lead him to finding a mentor-like figure in multi-platinum producer Nash B who showed him the ropes of the industry. Since then, Chino’s been one of rap’s most interesting new figures, a burgeoning firebrand known for mixing melodic styles.

There’s no one else in the space of rap that understands the ins and outs of sonic aesthetics like Chino. Songs like “Slime” and “Na Na Na” recap the extent of his anxiety-filled days, contextualizing his experiences on the streets so that listeners who haven’t had to go through similar circumstances can understand him. 

With co-signs from No Jumper and the UK’s Dummy Mag, it’s clear many people from around the world have begun to tune in to hear what Chino’s been saying and continues to say. To date, Chino has amassed over 1.1 million streams, 900,000+ views, and an Instagram following of 28k+. These are authentic, consistent numbers that reveal a fanbase genuinely attracted to Chino in all capacities. His impact can be attributed to his authentic approach to rap and, surprisingly, his process of making music which is a unique take on two well-tested methods. He typically looks to select beats that evoke emotion and then lay down melodies and write to them. However, he also enjoys going off the top with whatever he’s feeling in the moment as well. 

Chino’s future is sky high. Being so close to the Atlanta greats that compromise the past and current waves of hip-hop, he’s become very passionate about their work and has plans to work with Young Thug, Lil Baby, and more. Outside of Georgia, he plans on working with Roddy Ricch, Post Malone, and Polo G.